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healing in harmony

Your consultation aims to give insight into your health issue, understanding of how you can make positive changes and the support you need to take those steps towards reaching your health goals.

Before your consultation you will fill in a questionnaire, covering health and medical history, diet, lifestyle and current symptoms.

Your first consultation takes around 90 minutes. We begin by discussing your individual needs and goals and looking in depth at your health history and current symptoms. Included in your consultation is a scan using the NES Health ProVision. In my experience, this is a powerful tool for helping to prioritise health issues. This is totally non-invasive.

Sometimes we decide to get some tests done to look in more depth at biochemical and physiological imbalances. A full blood chemistry from your doctor can give valuable information about potential underlying imbalances. If you have any recent test results, please bring them along with you when you come for your consultation.

Together we will agree a plan of action. An individually tailored health programme with any appropriate dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations is designed for you and sent to you after your consultation. A follow-up consultation is recommended to make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be needed depending on your health goals. With your programme you will be able to progress to a much healthier and balanced lifestyle. 

Your Assessment

Each of us is unique. Whilst particular disease conditions may have similarities in how they manifest, still our experience of them is very individual. Looking at our symptoms within the context of our genetic make-up and individual life experiences and choices we can gain understanding of the paths that have led to ill health and the steps we can take to restore balance. Nutritional and lifestyle interventions are powerful ways to encourage the body’s natural capacity to be well.

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