functional medicine

get to the root

Functional Medicine is a scientific holistic approach to healthcare that aims to gain better understanding of the origin, prevention and resolution of health issues. It does not treat particular disease conditions but instead attempts to understand their cause and correct the functional imbalances that have resulted in disease.

It uses a systems orientated approach to physiology and biochemistry. So it considers for example how well the body is defending and repairing itself; how well it is producing energy; how able it is to transform and eliminate toxins; and how well it can digest and absorb nutrients. It looks at the structure of the body, from the cell membranes to the muscles, bones and joints. And it considers how well the circulatory, hormonal and nervous system information gets around the body.


The environment the body’s systems are exposed to, both the internal environment (the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract, low-lying bacterial or viral infection for example) and external (our exposure to environmental toxins, allergens) is an important consideration.

Perhaps most important of all, it is an individual-centred approach. It looks at the complex web of physiological and biochemical interactions within the context of each individual’s genetic and life history, their lifestyle, and their mind, body, spirit balance. In this way a comprehensive picture for that individual is created.

Functional Medicine interventions aim to encourage the natural restoration of function. It integrates traditional western medicine with complementary or alternative medicine focusing on diet, nutrition and exercise, laboratory and diagnostic testing, and treatment with combinations of nutritional supplements, botanical medicine, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, stress management techniques and other healing therapies.

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