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I just love working with Sue. I came to see her when I was at my lowest, not knowing what to do with myself. My view of life was dark and I was pretty unbalanced. Sue works with Infoceuticals and these were a life saver taking me out of my despondency within almost a week. Not only that, her skills as a nutritionist are extraordinary. Sue is passionate about what she does and great with follow up after sessions. I would highly recommend her when it comes to physical and emotional imbalances which for me has brought long lasting results. Terri George, Breakthrough & Thrive

Sue has a wonderful, warm and calm manner and put me at ease straight away. She gave me four consecutive treatments for predominantly IBS following food poisoning and thyroid problems, but also panic attacks and anxiety. I most definitely feel I have benefited, my IBS symptoms have significantly reduced, I have more energy, I know how to manage my digestive system to help prevent any symptoms of IBS and I am generally much calmer. Sue has always been incredibly supportive and understanding and goes beyond the call of duty in responding to a steady trickle of panicky emails, keeping my demons at bay. Each treatment left me feeling relaxed and extremely positive and ready to take on the world! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Jemma, Mother

After seeing multiple doctors both in the UK and the US, I was in a desperate search for help with my health issue. I am so grateful that I found Sue – she fully listens to me and my experiences, she supports me in my journey to health and wellbeing, she educates me about how the body works and what helps it heal, she motivates me, and she inspires me with her vast knowledge and genuine love and passion of health, the body and general wellbeing. I know I am not alone with Sue at my side, guiding me and helping me to live free in health. Laurie, Mother

When approaching the knotty subject of cutting out your most craved food items Sue’s knowledge and explanations of the body’s biochemistry gives you the support and motivation to work for a body at ease – which is reassuring when one has pushed your body to its limits over the years. I am very grateful that Sue is my friend and colleague and is prepared to keep on “keeping on” at me and my nutrition! Rebecca, Osteopath

When I initially went to Sue, my immune system was really struggling – I’d had 6 colds and viruses in less than a year and it was seriously getting me down, affecting everything from my work to my personal life. 9 months later and I’m thrilled to say that I haven’t had a cold or virus since. My immune system and metabolism are totally different now – I’m more knowledegable about what I eat, what my body actually needs and when it needs it, all thanks to Sue’s dietary & holistic recommendations. My asthma has also been loads better and I am not having to use my inhalers nearly as much as I used to. I can honestly say she has changed my life!

Adam, Musician

Sue Lovemore has been treating me for two years. It has been a gradual but very powerful healing process in which I have learnt a vast amount about the body and energy. Sue has an intelligent and intuitive method of treatment which, from the start, has given me the faith to open up creatively. I now am so much stronger, and this carries on. Alan, Artist

Sue is a superb nutritionist! She helped me so much with my skin issues. Not only did I receive insight into what I should be eating but Sue’s deep knowledge helped me to understand why I should be eating certain things and not others. She was also able to guide me towards supplements that I needed to take in order to enhance my diet. It is great working with Sue, she is truly gifted as a practitioner. Mel, Homeopath

I came to see Sue complaining of recurrent ill-health, particularly problems with swollen glands. This general feeling of being run-down with aching glands and often aching muscles too used to happen every two to three weeks for up to three days at a time. I would take painkillers as if I tried to keep going without it, not only would my body feel awful but my mood would plummet. The tiredness would lead to lack of motivation and drive, which would lower my mood tremendously. I had glandular fever when I was fifteen and it seemed since then, that inflammation was my body’s way of dealing with viruses. I also seemed to get them more than other people and it was happening far too frequently to cope with. I have three young children and a home to run so don’t have time to be ill so much! In consultation with Sue, it was decided that the best way to approach the problem was with a combination of Infoceuticals, supplements and diet. I believe the Infoceuticals and supplements bump-started the process of becoming healthier very well. I certainly noticed less ill-health very quickly. The diet helped me to change the way I think about my eating habits (I thought I was a reasonably healthy eater until I met Sue). There are some parts of the diet I find hard to follow (limiting dairy and cake!), but in the main I keep it up and also keep referring back to what is essentially a life-long plan of eating. The deep breathing exercises and the Emotional Freedom Technique suggestions all helped with a holistic all-round support of my health and well-being. I still re-read the material I was given to remind me to slow down and calm down – essentially conserving energy and vitality. I no longer take the supplements but would be happy to obtain more if the need arose. Since I began having nutritional advice and help from Sue, I have not had swollen glands associated with general malaise at all. I have felt achy when I have had flu which is normal, but no repeated episodes of the aching glands and tiredness that I used to be plagued with. My energy levels are exceeding by far what they were before, and on a more sustainable basis too. As a result my mood swings and low mood associated with blood sugar issues and gland problems are far less obvious. I am getting a lot more out of life now I have finally sought and received such good help from Sue. Lara, Busy Mum of Three!

After our consultation, I did nearly all you advised me. I took all the drops . For the last 3 months I have not been eating gluten and dairy. Only twice in the last 3 weeks, I chose to eat two bites of wheat products because of cultural reasons. But I managed to avoid it all this time although it is extremely difficult in Turkey. I took the supplements. My body liked it and I do not know exactly what was good, but my body felt better. I tried to eat low glycaemic index food, sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. That was one area I could have done more, but did not. However I lost some weight, around 4 kilos. People are noticing the weight lost. I did work on the emotional issues as well, of course as much as I can. I am feeling much more energetic. My psychology is much better as well. I wake up much more fresh. I feel light. Thanks a lot. I do not remember feeling this energetic for a long time. My heart is not making funny feelings anymore, I can lie on my left side.  I have totally different energy now, I do not feel ill anymore. I had this feeling of something wrong in me, but it is gone. Thank you so much  for your guidance, it has made me so much energetic and strong. I am so grateful. Hale, Trainer, Istanbul

In January this year, Sue Lovemore was recommended to me by NES Health. I have a 3 yr old son, and this is his story… Around September last year my son was losing hair around his body.  His nails were pitted, and he had no energy. His stools were very runny, which caused some soreness and occasional bleeding. In fact there were times when he just wanted to lie there and do nothing. He withdrew from social interaction with other children at nursery, and seemed quite distressed and irritable. His diet became poor. Naturally I turned to NHS with the hope that his GP would do some blood tests or allergy tests. We were told to be patient, and hopefully the hair will grow back… but weeks went by and he got worse. We were so distressed and emotionally distraught. My husband and I decided to go private and seek help. We only saw little improvement, and the support was very limited. By December his symptoms began to progress again. I cannot express how emotional this all was for my family…it was the worst Christmas ever encountered, as we watched our child suffer each day with ill health…and there was nothing we could do to help him. I use to watch him sleep, wishing every night that tomorrow will be better. In January as a desperate measure, I contacted a company called NES Health. The team was very sympathetic towards my sons condition, and the fact that we didn’t know which way to turn.  We were then advised to contact Sue Lovemore, who had already received praise for her work. We reluctantly agreed to meet Sue in February 2014, thinking yet another practitioner… can she help? Well we were pleasantly surprised… We remember her coming across as very polite, sympathetic and professional. We felt that she was already aware of what might be causing my son’s issues. We instantly felt reassured. She recommended we do a series of allergy tests to determine cross reactivity, and stool tests to determine abnormalities in the stools, infection and overall gut health. We decided to go for all the Cyrex tests on offer. Yes it was very costly, but for us… time was the enemy! If it meant that we had to sacrifice a family holiday or two… then it was money well spent! She was right… Sue suspected a possible leaky gut, with strong intolerance to gluten and dairy causing autoimmunity, where the body attacks its own immune system and or tissues. She recognised there could also be a parasitic issue. She immediately provided us with supporting documentation and analysis of the tests, a diet plan and supplements. Within just a few weeks of the treatment, the hair loss slowed down, and then eventually stopped. My son was also acknowledged by the NHS in February because of his speech difficulties, but was then diagnosed with Autism. Once again it felt like the world had crumbled around me. Sue was very supportive towards us, and assured us that my son’s underlying health issues were almost certainly connected with this diagnosis and that we should continue to support his general health and well-being and see what happened. By March-May we noticed a few strands of hair growing back in various areas where there had been previous hair loss. His stools began normalising, and his speech progressed slightly. By June he was so much more energetic and happier in himself, and after a number of play group sessions and speech therapy classes it was noted by the NHS team that should be reassessed for ASD because he didn’t appear to match any of the criteria for Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I remember crying at that moment with so much relief, as I got on the phone to tell Sue. My son is still on the program today, and I would personally like to thank you Sue for helping to save my sons life…If we hadn’t of met you, we would have continued giving our son gluten, dairy, soya and rice… completely unaware of how much more damage it would have caused him. I hope and pray he will overcome all this one day. Still to this day, tears come to my eyes as I watch my son change each day, and grow in a little confidence. Thank you for always providing support, and giving advice whenever we needed it most. You have a very positive attitude, and have always reassured us and pushed us never to give up! I wish you all the best for the future, and would certainly recommend your services to anyone. Amer, Mother

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